Simon Kläntschi (Vietnam)

Simon Kläntschi

Simon Kläntschi (Landmine Survivors Network Vietnam (LSN-V): Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva. Following his graduation, he interned at the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok and volunteered in a home for disabled children in Cuzco, Peru, where his tasks included teaching and physical therapy. Simon then worked in Berlin for the Ecumenical Network for Central Africa, a network of five German Christian humanitarian organizations which advocates for human rights and development in the Great Lakes Region. At the time of his fellowship, Simon was pursuing a dual Master’s degree in International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, specializing in International Security.

02 Sep

Goodbye and thank you all

That’s it. My time with AEPD in Dong Hoi has come to an end. Time flew in the last weeks. Yesterday I left this beautiful city and its even more beautiful people with a heavy heart. Looking back, it was an extremely rich experience for me, both culturally and professionally. I have met and closely […]

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Posted Sep 02, 2010

27 Aug

Mr. Luu – outreach worker with all his heart

Hoang van Luu was born in 1964 during the “American war” in a farming village in Van Trach commune. When he was three years old, his parents died in a B- 52 bomb attack. Most of the villagers lost their lives under the hail of bombs this day, 18th of April 1967. It is remembered […]

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Posted Aug 27, 2010

24 Aug

The story of my friend Hoai

Luong Thanh Hoai has been an outreach worker for AEPD (formerly LSN-V) since 2006. Himself physically disabled, he has helped many other disabled people by peer support. During this summer we have become close friends, even if we don’t speak the same language. We have been working together and spent many evenings playing Co Tuong […]

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Posted Aug 24, 2010

22 Aug

A bomb in Dong Hoi City

Two weeks ago, an unexploded aerial 250-kilo-bomb was uncovered on a construction site to extend the Nhat Le River promenade in Dong Hoi. This place is only 200 meters away from my Hotel. All works were suspended, until the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians from the international NGO Mine Advisory Group (MAG) inspected the bomb […]

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Posted Aug 22, 2010

09 Aug

Ms. Hue, her dream is a fridge

Nguyen Thi My Hue was born disabled. She has a serious congenital malformation, is humpbacked and has experienced an abnormal growth of her body. Today, at the age of thirty, she is only tall like a ten-year-old child. Hue is a victim of Agent Orange. Between 1962 and 1971, US Military airplanes sprayed around 50 […]

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Posted Aug 09, 2010

05 Aug

Mr. Son, a succesful carpenter

Vietnam has an immense number of disabled people. Around 5 millions or 6.3 per cent of its whole population have to live with a disability. In Quang Binh province alone there are around 40’000. Among them many survivors of landmines and cluster munitions, as well as victims of Agent Orange – the legacy of twenty-five […]

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Posted Aug 05, 2010

10 Jul

Looking back on LSN-V

Now we are officially the Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (AEPD). I would like to show you what the NGO does and how they work. In 2008, the organization, which at the time was still the Landmine Survivor Network – Vietnam, produced a short promotional movie about the work they do. It will […]

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Posted Jul 10, 2010

06 Jul

From global to local: Survivor Corps Vietnam becomes the Association of Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities (AEPD)

This summer is a very important time for Survivor Corps Vietnam, as the organization is leaving the structure of the SC global network and transforming itself into a local independent Vietnamese NGO, called “Association for Empowerment of Persons with disabilities” (AEPD). Next saturday, July 10, Survivor Corps Headquarters in Washington closes its doors as a […]

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Posted Jul 06, 2010

22 Jun

My arrival in Dong Hoi

It has now been one week since I have arrived in Dong Hoi. Time has passed very quickly and intensively as I have been absorbing openly and eagerly many new impressions and encounters with interesting people. Everything is new and exciting. I adore immersing myself in new foreign settings and way of life as well […]

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Posted Jun 22, 2010

13 Jun

On my way to Vietnam

Tomorrow the day finally arrives when I will get on the plane towards Vietnam, where I am going to spend my summer working as an AP Peace Fellow with Survivor Corps Vietnam (formerly the Landmine Survivors Network) in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province. This region close to the former demilitarized zone, which separated North and […]

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Posted Jun 13, 2010





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