Cynthia Boruchowicz (Nepal)

Cynthia Boruchowicz (Nepal)

Cynthia Boruchowicz, a national of Argentina, is a second year PhD student at Maryland’s School of Public Policy (MSPP) specializing in international development. Her research involves the analysis of spending policies and their effect on labor markets. She holds a BA in Economics from Universidad del CEMA (Argentina) and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.  Prior to starting her PhD studies, Cynthia worked at the Inter-American Development Bank. She first was a Research Fellow at the Research Department working on issues related to housing, urban development and crime in Latin America and the Caribbean. She worked then as a Development Effectiveness Officer within the private sector of the Bank, where she provided development impact analysis for the operations of her division. Her previous experience includes positions at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and at the Economic Section of the Embassy of the United States in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cynthia's Peace Fellowship consisted of supporting a Nepali NGO named CONCERN in its mission to end child labor in local brick factories. After spending 10-weeks with CONCERN, Cynthia said, "I went to Nepal hoping to provide professional services to a local NGO, and in that way contribute to their capacity building. I ended up gaining more professional and personal skills than I've could ever imagined. Nepal and CONCERN will always have a special place in my heart".

10 Aug

Reflecting on my time working with CONCERN-Nepal

I still cannot believe my last week working for CONCERN is here. Summer just flew by! Even though I’m happy to go back to DC (after spending some days in India), I’ll miss Kathmandu, coming to the office and most importantly the friends I made at CONCERN. I think I’ll even miss the rain and […]

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Posted Aug 10, 2017

03 Aug

My visit to Ramechhap

Last week I made a visit to the most remote place I’ve ever been in my life: Ramechhap. Even though Ramechhap is only 140km away from Kathmandu, getting there is not easy at all. Ramechhap is a village in the middle of the mountains, and even though it looks beautiful once you are there, in […]

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Posted Aug 03, 2017

24 Jul

Success stories: introducing Ekaman Shrestha

Up to now I’ve been sharing stories about the current beneficiaries of CONCERN. Their background, their parents and the reality they face. I’ve also talked a lot about the importance of education, and how going to school will provide these children with a better, brighter future. Today I want to share the story of Ekaman […]

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Posted Jul 24, 2017

19 Jul

Living the Nepali Dream

We all grew up with the notion of the “American Dream”, the upward mobility trend that countries like the US experienced back in the 40’s and up to the 80’s. The American Dream is based on the idea that family background does not determine a child’s chances to success. That a child’s social and economics […]

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Posted Jul 19, 2017

09 Jul

We need YOUR help

I’ve been in Nepal for over a month now. I’m half way of this amazing experience…I cannot believe it! Time flies when you are doing something you love and you are committed to. This week I did a lot of office work, since most of the schools are closed for holidays. That means that we […]

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Posted Jul 09, 2017

30 Jun

An inconvenient truth: my first time at a brick factory

When I was a kid back in Argentina, I remember I always looked forward to that day in the year when the school took us to a field excursion to some local factory. One time we went to the Sprite factory and I even got a photo camera with the shape of a Sprite can…it […]

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Posted Jun 30, 2017

23 Jun

All we need is…clean air

When I first arrived to Kathmandu, Bijaya’s email read “welcome to our dusty capital city”. At that moment I didn’t quite get what he was referring to – yes, the minute you land in Nepal you can tell that the air quality is not the best. Too many motorcycles, old trucks and streets without proper […]

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Posted Jun 23, 2017

16 Jun

The perfect week: meeting CONCERN’s kids!

This week has been the most rewarding one since I arrived in Kathmandu. I finally got to meet some of CONCERN’s beneficiaries: children with hard life stories but huge smiles in their faces and big dreams for their future. For those of you who do not remember, CONCERN rescues children from illegal work at stone […]

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Posted Jun 16, 2017

06 Jun

An Argentinean Lost in Kathmandu

Literally. On my first official day to going to the office, I got lost. If you think this is a blog about all the problems I encountered and had to sort out until someone rescued me, you are wrong. This blog is about the goodness of the Nepalese people, since that is what I experienced […]

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Posted Jun 06, 2017

01 Jun

Destination: Kathmandu (and a couple of layovers)

The last couple of weeks felt like a roller coaster. The excitement for being an AP fellow in Nepal this summer was many times overshadowed by the anxiety of trying to pack for the trip, get my immunizations in order, clean my DC apartment for the person who is staying there while I’m gone and […]

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Posted Jun 01, 2017





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