Jefferson Seth McIntyre (Vietnam)

Jefferson Seth McIntyre

Jefferson Seth McIntyre (Association for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities – AEPD in Vietnam): Seth holds a BA from the College of Santa Fe. Prior to his fellowship, he served in the Peace Corps in Guyana. Seth also worked with AmeriCorps in New Orleans where he provided free legal aid for indigent clients. His interest in advocacy began on a Navajo reservation where he wrote an award-winning expose on the impact of uranium mining on the reservation. Seth was studying for an MA at Brandeis University when he was deployed to Vietnam. After his fellowship, Seth wrote: “(This has been) one of the most profound professional and personal experiences I have ever had. AEPD is an organization of exceptional merit, skills, and commitment, and meeting with Agent Orange survivors in the field changed my perspective on many things – (including) the American War.”

01 Sep

Nguyen Thanh Luan, Agent Orange, and Living Histories


The verdant mountains of the Troung Son Mountain Range reside along one of the tightest overland corridors in Vietnam, a plot of land abutting the strategic supply route now known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a mere 20 miles from the East Sea to Laos linked by the District of Le Thuy. Like any […]

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Posted Sep 01, 2014

25 Aug

The Seven Children of Le Ba Thuan


Le Ba Thuan dashes into his home for his silver rimmed glasses and a white button-up shirt. He returns with a woven floor mat, the kind often laid out for guests, and invites us to sit. His wife serves us hot artichoke tea from a white porcelain teapot adorned with a flower motif. She disappears […]

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Posted Aug 25, 2014

21 Aug

Agent Orange, Terms of Kinship, and the Meaning of the Word “Đau”


Ho Thi Thiu joined the American War in Vietnam from 1971 to 1972 in the northernmost province of Southern Vietnam, Quang Tri. She was assigned to Division 559, where she worked on the construction of roads for military vehicles, assisting the loading and unloading of supplies from the north. While she worked, she lost track […]

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Posted Aug 21, 2014

12 Aug

Father, Son, and Granddaughter: Agent Orange through the Generations


The commune of Nhan Trach, in the district of Bo Trach, parallels the East Sea, separated from the sea’s waves by mountainous sand dunes. Like a desert oasis, it is a bizarre and unexpected geography for the lush tropics of Vietnam. Instantaneously, the dunes disappear as homes and roads spring forth from the ground. Nhan […]

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Posted Aug 12, 2014

05 Aug

Agent Orange, From Those Who Know It Best

Ms. Hoa instructs DOLISA Staff in interviewing technique.

It’s been many weeks and preparation, but here we are in the first official day of the Agent Orange survey. Yesterday I worked with the AEPD staff drafting the online transcription of the English version of the survey, and then a staff professional development survey to begin transcribing the Vietnamese version. I had envisioned learning […]

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Posted Aug 05, 2014

08 Jul

The Legacy of Agent Orange and the American War in Vietnam

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In 1961, acting on a request from US-ally and South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem, and with the approval of US President John F. Kennedy, the American Military began a drastic scorched earth policy to combat the escalating civil war in Vietnam. Working primarily with chemical manufacturers Dow Chemical and Monsanto, the US military developed […]

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Posted Jul 08, 2014

30 Jun

An Intercontinental Partnership to Address Agent Orange

It is only my first week in Vietnam (and my second day in Dong Hoi City where I now reside), and I am already feeling at home with the kindness and generosity  of AEPD. But first, a little more about the organizations I work. The Advocacy Project, which hosts my blog and Flickr, is an […]

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Posted Jun 30, 2014

25 Jun

Across the Streets of Hanoi

On advice from the front desk agent, I opt to wander the byzantine streets of Hanoi nestled in the old quarter of the city, soaking in the cool air and the moist breeze. Although Hanoi is rapidly developing, divisions in wealth are still heir apparent, shaded though they are in the neon of its nighttime […]

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Posted Jun 25, 2014

09 Jun

First Impressions Video Log

A video log of my first impressions of the Advocacy Project Fellowship and my impending departure to Vietnam!

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Posted Jun 09, 2014

29 May

Prologue: On the Trail of Agent Orange

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In one month, I will be traveling by night train from the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, to the central province of Quang Binh, where I will be working alongside the Association for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities (AEPD) on a fellowship that is now coming to be called “On the Trail of Agent […]

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Posted May 29, 2014





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