Rose Twagirumukiza (Mali)

Rose Twagirumukiza

Rose is a first year student pursuing a MS in Foreign Services at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service, where she is studying Global Politics and Security. She is also a refugee from Kigali, Rwanda. During the Genocide in Rwanda, her family fled Kigali and spent years walking across Congo to escape conflict. Growing up in refugee camps, sleeping in tents and sometimes having nothing to eat, has shaped the person she is and her ambitions in life. Today Rose's dream is to finish her studies with a degree in Foreign Service and work for the United Nations, UNICEF, or other International Aid agency. Rose is excited to continue her Journey from refugee to an agent for conflict resolution and social change. At Georgetown University, she is enriching the insight necessary to help her realize her career and life goals of providing service to refugee and immigrant communities in need. Rose's goal is to be the symbol of unity. She is a woman who is doing something that most women where she comes from are unable to achieve due to the many obstacles they face. She speaks five languages: Kinyarwanda - her mother language, Lingala, French, English and Spanish. Rose wants to use her language skills and understanding of different cultures to bring together people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. After her fellowship, Rose wrote: "Women and children are very valuable to society yet they are the most vulnerable in times of crisis. Protecting them, and giving them access to education, medical care, and opportunities to become independent and live a flourished life, should be the duty of each one of us."

29 Sep

Improve the smell of the soap or don’t come back!

Rose, the Shea butter soap is of high quality, but it smells bad. We need to improve the smell.  Iain, the leader of the Advocacy Project repeatedly said this to me as I was preparing for my trip to Mali, which happened to be in the middle of finals. During that time when everything seems […]

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Posted Sep 29, 2017

31 Aug

How Rape is Affecting Mali

  As I was preparing for my trip to Mali in early June of this year, there was one story that had everyone talking on different social media platforms. It was the story of a young woman who was raped by a student at Stanford University. People were angry that the court system failed to […]

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Posted Aug 31, 2016

01 Aug

When Time is Your Worst Enemy: Two Weeks Left and a Lot Left To Do.

  I cannot believe that I have two weeks left in Bamako. It seems like it was yesterday that I landed here in Mali. Just when I finally started to know my away around, bargaining prices like a local, and being fully accepted by the rape survivors at my host organization, Sini Sanuman, now it […]

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Posted Aug 01, 2016

18 Jul

The Power of Soap: Bringing a Community Together

This past week I was able to realize the first of the goals that have brought me here in Mali. I have been aiding women in the creation of a sustainable business making and selling soap. I was able to help Sini Sanuman improve the quality of the soap, so the beneficiaries can promote their […]

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Posted Jul 18, 2016

11 Jul

Poverty Worse Than Terrorism in Mali: C’est La Misère Ici!

Since I arrived in Bamako, one thing continues to strike me, and that is the vast difference between the world to which I recently started belonging and the one to which I have recently returned. To make sense of this big difference, I found myself going back to my globalization class that was required for […]

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Posted Jul 11, 2016

04 Jul

Survivors of Armed Sexual Violence: Recovering Through Soap Sales

Since 2012, Mali has been plunged into a civil war caused by the armed rebellion in northern Mali. While this conflict has had devastating consequences on security, political, and social life, women have been the most affected by the violence. Many women and girls in northern Mali, have been victims of armed sexual violence, child […]

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Posted Jul 04, 2016

27 Jun

Improve the smell of the soap or don’t come back!

“Rose, the shea butter soap is of high quality, but it smells bad. We need to improve the smell!” That is what I kept hearing from The Advocacy Project team as I was preparing for my trip to Mali. So I went to Whole Foods and bought two bottles of scent (rose and lavender!), which […]

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Posted Jun 27, 2016

19 Jun

It was a long way to Bamako but it was worth it.

  If someone had asked me a year ago, when I decided to attend graduate school at Georgetown University, where I would see myself during the summer of my first year, Mali is the last place I would have pictured.  Even when my Human Rights/Conflict and Protection professor who is also the leader of the […]

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Posted Jun 19, 2016

27 May

Training Week: From a Refugee to a Peace Advocate

Where we are all going.   It was not long ago, when I was a young refugee from Rwanda, that many of my accomplishments seemed unattainable. College, graduate school, and now, the peace fellowship I am about to embark upon, were accomplishments I could only dream about. Growing up in refugee camps in multiple countries […]

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Posted May 27, 2016





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