Morgan Moses (Nepal)

Morgan Moses

Morgan Moses is a rising senior at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Anthropology, she hopes to receive her Master of Science in Anatomy before continuing on to medical school. Outside of the classroom, Morgan spends her time serving the New Orleans community as a volunteer emergency medical technician with both the Tulane University and the city of New Orleans. After her fellowship, Morgan wrote: "Working with the Advocacy Project and Care Women Nepal was a life-changing experience on both a professional level and a personal level. Professionally, I gained skills that set me apart from my peers and will propel me forward in the future. On a personal level, I connected so deeply with the women Care Women Nepal aims to serve. Women's health and women's reproductive health is not prioritized, which is what makes Care Women Nepal's work so incredible. Uterine prolapse is grossly underreported, overlooked, and stigmatized, and it was powerful to be involved with a group of people who were so passionate about affecting change in their community."

27 Aug

Gynecologists of the Health Camp

From left to right: Morgan Moses, Dr. Anjali Rasaili, Dr. Ramesh Shrestha, Dr. Tulasa Basnet Dr. Anjali Rasaili Dr. Rasaili has been an OBGYN specialist for two years and has been a doctor for the last six. She prefers the surgical aspect that accompanies gynecology over obstetric cases. With a glimmer in her eye, she told […]

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Posted Aug 27, 2016

11 Aug


I think there are certain things that are universal. There have been many moments during this fellowship that made me pause and think, “I have travelled thousands of miles and yet I recognize what’s in front of me so clearly.” It’s almost comparable to a form of déjà vu. A sort of cultural déjà vu […]

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Posted Aug 11, 2016

04 Aug

Health Camp Preparation

Morgan, you may be saying, Care Women Nepal’s latest health camp sounds incredible, but start from the beginning and tell me everything. Let me tell you, it has been a process. After the surgeries in Biratnagar, I went back to swimming in dal bhat in Dhankuta. My palate took a slight shift towards roti and […]

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Posted Aug 04, 2016

01 Aug

Birthday Parties and Health Camps

Remember that feeling when you were little after your birthday party ended? All of your presents had been opened, your cake had been eaten, and all your friends had gone home. You were suddenly alone with your parents with nothing to do except clean up the mess you had so much fun making. It’s an […]

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Posted Aug 01, 2016

10 Jul

Intersection of Advocacy and Medicine

Note: I had some technical difficulties that stopped me from posting this earlier, but better late than never! If we were to build a timeline, this would slide in right between my chaotic first day in Biratnagar and the third day where I was able to talk with the women after their surgeries. I wasn’t […]

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Posted Jul 10, 2016

30 Jun

A Glimpse into a Life with Uterine Prolapse

Disclaimer: I had planned to release a blog post about the actual surgeries before posting the profiles, but I’ve decided to switch it up. All the surgeries were successful! The other women on the list will be given a chance to receive the operation when Care Women Nepal does another round of operations. If I […]

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Posted Jun 30, 2016

27 Jun

Waiting, Dal Bhat, and Chaos

There was nothing. There was nothing but waiting and dal bhat. On Thursday, Indira had travelled to Kathmandu for a check-up and bedrest after suffering an injury while playing soccer with the neighborhood kids. Chanda, the office secretary and my best (and only) friend in Dhankuta, and I remained in the Dhankuta office ready to […]

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Posted Jun 27, 2016

11 Jun

Counting my M&Ms

I like things arranged just so and things done a certain way. The plates at home need to stacked such that no two plates of the same color are touching. When I go to frozen yogurt (which I would probably kill for right now) I go through the toppings carefully and pick out the right […]

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Posted Jun 11, 2016

04 Jun

Transitional Imbalance

For the first time since arriving in Nepal, I feel refreshed. I am sitting on a vibrant gold and red couch in the Care Women Nepal office in Dhankuta. I have internet connection, a fully charged laptop, and I have finally managed to connect my iPhone to wifi. A half full cup of warm green […]

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Posted Jun 04, 2016

27 May

Hitting the Ground Running

Since arriving in DC a little less than a week ago, I have initiated at least five distinct conversations about how much people run in this city. It completely baffles me. Blows me away. Not only is DC teeming with attractive runners in upscale athletic gear, but people in business clothes running simply to get […]

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Posted May 27, 2016





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